10 Ways To Use MOX


MOX is as flexible as it is portable. Designed with convenience in mind, we encourage users of MOX to find new and exciting ways to use the product. We compiled this quick list of 10 simple ways you can utilize your MOX. 

  1. With MOX, hot coffee is always on call!  

  2. MOX is a souper simple solution to having hot soup on the go!

  3. No more baby bottle blues! Take the chill off breast milk or formula in minutes.

  4. Bring it to the beach, the ballpark or ballet class.  MOX goes everywhere you want to be.

  5. Don’t make concessions at sporting events or other outings. Trash the junk food in favor of a warm healthy snacks and meals anywhere you go.

  6. Ditch the drive-thru and opt for real food on your next road trip.

  7. At the campsite, in a kayak, canoe or bike trip, MOX makes every outdoor adventure even better.

  8. Throw away that thermos, MOX takes meal time at work or school to a whole new level.

  9. Reboot what you eat on your commute! Enjoy warm oatmeal or an omelet bowl on your morning drive.

  10. Heat and eat, or drink, anything you want, whenever you want and wherever you want.  With MOX you can enjoy your journey without missing a beat!

How will you use MOX? The possibilities are endless. Check out our Kickstarter Campaign and help us bring MOX into the consumer market!


Margo MoksinComment