The SoMi Story

The current MOX design

The current MOX design

It's interesting that we only start to re-evaluate our lives a major event happens. Whether it's an illness, the loss of a loved one, complications with your 9-5 career or even a combination of these things, we can start to see what's really important in life. For me, my moment of realization took place on July 11, 2016 the day I decided to become an entrepreneur and start pursing my passions. This was the day that I started my company, SoMi.

The choice to become an entrepreneur is made for various reasons – it gives you a chance to structure your time, explore your creative side, maybe continue on the path that your family paved. For me, it was the attraction to adventure, the enthusiasm to try something new, pursue my passions and test the outcome. 

It only took about a week to register the company with the state and open the bank account to make SoMi official.  But that's where the real work started. That's when we had to figure out how to turn ideas into reality. While it has been an uphill journey filled with dventure and excitement, it has allowed so many opportunities to learn, to adapt, to grow. I've documented much of the process on SoMi's Youtube Channel

Before establishing SoMi, I had always found it strange that big corporate establishments that specialized in product development and had massive infrastructures and strong financial backing, were the ones left to figure out what the "everyday consumer" wanted. I kept thinking about those ideas (no matter how helpful or valuable it was or could be) that could not be justified by a big company's investments. What happens to those ideas? Do they never get a chance? 

I couldn't let it go. While raising my children, I had the idea for a product that could help other busy individuals and active parents. I saw real value in being able to help families focus more time on really matters. I knew seeking out one of these big corporate establishments would rejection the concept. I begin to explore how I could take this idea and bring it to life. 

Our first product

We wanted to start with something unique, something that was not easily imitated and had the potential to bring real value to everyday life.  All of these factors where put into the idea behind what would eventually become MOX.

We soon realized what a challenge the development of MOX was, which led us to finding a team of qualified engineers to work with.  We wanted to ensure the safety of the product and make sure they product would last.

Each day brought new challenges and the MOX engineering team quickly grew from 2 individuals to a robust 5 team members with mechanical engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers and product designers working side-by-side. I know that I am very fortunate to be working with such an amazing group of talented individuals who are as passionate about the product as I am.

Creating MOX was an exhilarating journey – the concept, the design, the mechanics evolved tremendously over the course of our 2 year journey. Today, it is with great excitement and pride that we are ready to introduce MOX, a completely wireless portable container capable of heating food and liquids to 100 or 160 degrees fahrenheit, into the world! 

Our story doesn't stop here, in fact it's just beginning. We've been slowly building up an audience around MOX, launching our Kickstarter on August 12th. We are fully committed to modifying MOX throughout the manufacturing process to ensure we deliver the best quality product!

The Mox Engineering Team:    Caius Ferenczi, David Nagy, Ioan Marcu, Florin Traila, Paul Druta

The Mox Engineering Team: 

Caius Ferenczi, David Nagy, Ioan Marcu, Florin Traila, Paul Druta

A little bit about me…


My name is Margarita Moksin, I am the founder of SoMi and the creator of MOX. As a 17-year-old, I came to the United States from Moscow, Russia to pursue an American education. My story is similar to that of many immigrants: working hard and never giving up on my quest to learn and succeed.

In 2010, I graduated with a finance degree from The Ohio State University and moved to Gurgaon, India for an investment-banking opportunity. Returning to Ohio, I went to University of Cincinnati College of Law and graduating in 2014 with a legal degree and a license to practice law. Since then, I've been working in the field of tax law and pursing other passions.

You can read the entire story of my journey from Russia to the USA, my education and more, here. 

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