When necessity truly became the “mother” of invention!


Bet you can relate…

A young Mom sits on a park bench.  With one hand she juggles a crying baby. With the other, she frantically fishes through her diaper bag for the bottle of breast milk she’s keeping chilled in a freezer pack.

The baby is getting hungrier by the minute but offering her cold milk only makes things worse.  In a panic, Mom shoves the bottle under her arm in a hopeless attempt to warm up the milk with her body heat. Passersby try not to stare at the frazzled young woman with a baby bottle sticking out from under her armpit, as she wonders if it’s even worth leaving the house. 

You know what they say, “necessity is the mother of invention.” It was that day -- on that very park bench -- when this young Mom conceived of an idea that would allow her to warm up breast milk, or anything else for that matter, in minutes… wherever she was, and whenever she needed, maintaining her family’s active lifestyle… and her sanity!

It just so happens, that this Mom was me - Margarita Moksin… and that invention is MOX - a completely wireless compact container, capable of heating up its content from cold to a 100 or160 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for active people on the go! 

Breastfeeding was a big part of my personal parenting experience. As someone who wanted to occupy my kids’ life with fun, adventure and exploration, this commitment presented its share of challenges. Consider at least what it takes to simply get out the front door each day:

  1. Carefully choosing kids’ outfits with the appropriate number of layers (15 minutes)

  2. Dressing, and (sigh!) undressing the baby after a major poopy diaper ensues (40 minutes)

  3. Packing all the essentials for every possible situation, including Armageddon (20 minutes)

  4. Loading everything and everyone, into the car (15 minutes)

  5. Realizing you forgot to shower and get dressed yourself (10 seconds to sniff your pits and throw on a baseball cap)

  6. Driving (25 minutes) 

  7. Unloading and walking to your destination like a donkey loaded down with supplies (15 minutes)

*add an extra hour for each additional child!

By the time you reach your destination your baby is ready for her next meal. At this point everything has to stop, you have to look for a private place and, often, expose yourself to half the near world. If your exploration-hungry toddler is with you, the situation gets even harder. And if you are a dad, a grandparent or a caregiver, and are not equipped with the “magic boobs", what are your options? Finding a source of hot water, a stovetop, a microwave, trying the armpit method, or return to your car (or home) to heat up the bottle with a bulky device and charger? 

I knew that MOX should become more than just a passing idea. Over the course of two years, MOX went from conception to a fully functioning prototype ready to be manufactured and is finally coming to Kickstarter in August, 2018.  

MOX is a wireless, portable way for active families on the go to heat up water, breast milk, or even homemade baby food.  Plus, older kids can enjoy a hot and hearty snack on the way to a soccer practice, or a cup of hot chocolate on a camping trip.  

MOX is a product of SoMi LLC, fueled by a team of driven and passionate individuals who aspire to create high-quality, durable products that add value to your everyday lives. To learn more please visit us at www.somimox.com or connect with us on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and youtube.