How it all started

Margarita Moksin is a mother, wife, attorney, author, entrepreneur and CEO of Somi, a product development company committed to bringing more quality to people’s lives. 

Margarita has always strived for more and better. Even at the age of 16, as she was about to pursue a degree from the School of Higher Economics in Moscow, Russia, she had an epiphany that led her to Columbus, Ohio and changed the course of her life forever.

She left everyone and everything she knew behind. Even though she had the full support of her family, she had to be resourceful and work night and day to get accepted to college and make her way in the world. It was difficult and challenging, but she was young and smart and just naïve enough to only see the bright side.  

Over the years, and through several twists and turns, she got married, had two kids, got a law degree and landed an amazing job as a tax attorney. But it doesn’t end there…

One day, as she sat on a park bench attempting to warm a bottle of chilled milk under her arm for her screaming infant daughter, Margarita had another epiphany. She knew there had to be a way for active people like herself to go about their lives without having to be tethered to their home or car. That idea quickly led to the development of MOX, a revolutionary product that’s as perfect for young families on the go as it is for anyone who simply needs to live life “unplugged.”

Meet Our Team


The MOX Engineering Team: 

Caius Ferenczi, David Nagy,
Ioan Marcu, Florin Traila and Paul Druta

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Margarita Moksin


Thank you for your interest in and support of MOX.