Live life unplugged


Enjoy your journey without missing a beat


Having to rely on electricity, stovetops or microwaves makes it nearly impossible to lead an active lifestyle. Say goodbye to chargers, cables and cords and hello to the convenience of MOX, an on-the-go, wireless container that heats any food or liquid up to 160°F in minutes.

With MOX you’ll never miss a beat. Adventure seekers, active families and busy people on the go can keep right on moving, doing and going thanks to MOX’s unique patent-pending technology that can heat food or liquids up to three times on just one charge.  

Busy lifestyles demand convenience. MOX was designed to free up your time so you can pay more attention to the people and experiences that matter most to you!


Watch the video to see how MOX works.


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MOX is a must-have for all adventurers at heart who want an easier way to make healthy choices while pursuing their passions. With no cords or wires to tie you down, now you can go anywhere and do almost anything without limitations.


Our Story

Margarita Moksin is a mother, wife, attorney, author, entrepreneur and CEO of Somi, a product development company committed to bringing more quality to people’s lives. 

Margarita has always strived for more and better. Even at the age of 16, as she was about to pursue a degree from the School of Higher Economics in Moscow, Russia, she had an epiphany that led her to Columbus, Ohio and changed the course of her life forever.


Focus on what Matters

 MOX helps you stay in control when you’re traveling at the speed  of life! Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you have to compromise. MOX is a tool that gives you the flexibility to come and go on your own terms. Now you can take out the challenge of feeding your family, hot, healthy food and beverages on all your outings. 



I wish I had Mox when my kids were little! It would’ve made heating up food on trips to the zoo and park much easier!
I love how Mox holds a charge and can last all day without having to worry with cables and outlets. It’s shape is convenient and easily fits in any bag or backpack!
— Jane S.

MOX works for you

Easy, safe, quick and convenient. MOX keeps you going and fits with your lifestyle. Grab it from its charging pod and go. With a quick press of a button Mox will heat to an ideal temperature within a matter of minutes.


Your Adventure Begins

MOX makes it easy to live your life on the go! With your support, this revolutionary product will be introduced to the consumer market to help active people everywhere “unplug" and enjoy meaningful and memorable experiences without the hassle of heating elements, cords and chargers.